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Shotgun Licence Holders - Non Members

If you have a shot gun licence and are not a club member you are still more than welcome to come and shoot at our grounds.

We have a wide range stands inlcuding a mixture of practice stands and English sporting layout stands, with a choice of various stand locations to shoot from. The targets are changed regularly on our stands.

To add some variety and a new challenge to your shooting we also have a 40ft, 60ft, 90ft and 105ft high tower.

All stands are on a claymate system.

Clay Prices

25 Clays - £7.50
50 Clays - £15.00
75 Clays - £22.50
100 Clays - £30.00
All with a 10% no bird allowance

Cartridge Prices

From £4.50 per box of 25 cartridges.
Discounts are available for bulk purchases.

Gun Hire

Gun hire is also available from £6 per session, please contact our office for details.